The Regional Climate Foundations Pavilion: ​

In the context of COP28, several donor organizations from the global south are working together to improve climate action and the effective implementation of climate policies. It is a community of practice that joins forces to do more for their countries, regions and the world. We are particularly interested in finding ways to move from climate ambition to implementation.

The Pavilion shows the needs and proposals that arise from each region within the framework of the climate commitments proposed for COP 28, providing an overview of the needs and efforts of the global South. For example, experiences to accelerate the energy transition and reduce emissions at the subnational level will be discussed.

In addition, participants will also reflect on how to implement a carbon market that facilitates the achievement of the objectives for an energy transition, mechanisms to guarantee the empowerment of women from the implementation of renewable energy projects and the analysis of the prospects of generate a global and multilateral carbon market. pricing framework from an interregional perspective, among many other topics.