Promote climate action

The Mexico Climate Initiative (ICM) presents a series of technical inputs, from civil society, to update and increase the ambition of the NDC 2020. ICM has generated technical information -based on science- and a collaborative process to collect the various visions and input from some actors within the broad diversity of civil society, academia and the private sector.

On this site, you can find resources related to the measures identified that are part of the set of actions proposed so that Mexico can face the serious climate emergency that the planet faces.

Zero Net Emissions for Mexico: identifying approaches, measures and co-benefits

Mexico is among the 15 main GHG emitters in the world. During 2019, 63.5 percent of emissions came from the energy sector, 19.1 percent from the agricultural sector, 10 percent from industry and product use, and 7.4 percent from waste. Our country’s emissions show an upward trend, increasing 1.6 percent each year. If we continue at this pace, in 2050 they will exceed the emissions estimated for 2030 by 40 percent.

This is why Mexico must take urgent measures to reach a peak in its emissions immediately.