Foundations working in countries in the Global South will showcase efforts to advance climate mitigation ambition at COP28


At COP28, taking place in Dubai, non-governmental organizations from India, Indonesia, the African continent, Brazil and Mexico, will share experiences and solutions to the challenges posed by the climate crisis. The objective of the Pavilion is to start the development of a shared learning community.

More than 30 conferences will be held in the Pavilion with the participation of more than 90 experts, who will discuss the needs and proposals that arise from each of the participating countries and regions.

Some of the key topics addressed at the Regional Climate Foundations´Pavillion are: just energy transition; local and subnational emissions reduction: empowerment of women and indigenous peoples based on the use of accessible renewable energy; promotion of a more inclusive global and multilateral carbon pricing framework from a multi-region; and the potential of green hydrogen as a key component for the energy transition.

“Our Pavilion seeks to facilitate the exchange of points of view and experiences in advancing climate mitigation as part of our common challenges that our organizations face,” said Adrián Fernández Bremauntz, executive director of the Mexico Climate Initiative.

For the organizations that participate in the Regional Climate Foundations Pavilion, it is essential to make an urgent call to the international community about the importance of collaboration and exchange of interregional and intersectoral experiences and knowledge from contexts and approaches that are coincident for the countries of the Global South and to be able to jointly face the current great climate crisis.

‘This Pavilion presents a unique opportunity for various regional climate foundations to highlight their country-specific best practices and deliberate about the potential for replicating these successful approaches within Global South nations.’ said Mr Koyel Kumar Mandal, Chief of Programmes, Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation. 

As we near COP28, we must note this significant collaboration of regional climate foundations from the global south, driving a clear objective which is to increase the climate ambition in their respected regions. And we need to celebrate the important role that such young, vibrant foundations are playing in the climate space. Saliem Fakir our Executive Director: African Climate Foundation.

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